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D.I.Y.T. - Part I of Printing without a Press - Materials

This is the first of a series of post where I'll show you guys how I print my linocuts without having to use a printing press.

Part I of Printing without a Press - Materials

You'll need some cutting tools, I use a linoleum cutter handle with a variety of gouges, mainly the large #5 gouge, for scraping away large areas and the #1 liner cutter for fine detail.  You also need a craving knife, the x-acto #5 handle with #24 blades is perfect for scoring around your image on the linoleum; it works great on wood too.  I also have a  regular x-acto knife on hand, just in case I need to cut away small leftover pieces and it's also good for getting clean tight corners.

You'll also need your linoleum block and your image.  I use un-mounted linoleum, instead of the mounted lino on a block of wood, it's just easier to store away once your done, and I find it easier to manuer when you're cutting away.  You can also use the easy-cut linoleum which is a grey color, they also ma…

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